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  • Labultima – A Proprietary Company was formed in 2002 by Mr. R.P.Deshmukh , basically 1970 batch Gold Medalist in Chemical Engineering – IIT Bombay after 28 years experience in Pharma / Allied Chemical manufacturing companies using spray drying, with an intention to manufacture indigenous laboratory spray drier. It was a challenging / tough endeavor to initially establish against Buchi – Switzerland - the then most prominent name in lab spray driers and there after slowly entering in the field of spray drying systems at kilo lab / semi pilot / pilot / production spray drying systems over a period of past 15 years.
  • In 2016, the company constitution of M/s. Labultima – a proprietary company was changed to M/s. Labultima Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd. at our new premises with Mr. R. P. Deshmukh as MD & Mr. Nikunj Gohil as Technical Directors with the competent team of R&D, Process /Instrumentation / Software – Programming / Electrical / Mechanical / Manufacturing Engineers, are committed to share their process / technical expertise in spray drying, achieved over past few decades with their data bank of +ve / -ve studies to suit the allied requirements of Pharma/ API industries.
  • We design the Lab / Pilot / Plant spray drying systems totally based on the spray drying process /properties of client’s feed recipe / analytical requirements of the end user with total compliance of US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, by using licensed software for PLC program development and for Scada development. Our systems are OPC compliant by using necessary licensed software for data transfer from the spray drying system in client’s server. All this work is done under one roof in our new state of art facility at Vasai having modern facilities.

  • After optimizing the variable parameters of spray drying on lab level, we take up the scale up of the molecule at pilot / plant level as required by the client on our inhouse spray drying facility in closed / open loop configurations as required.

  • We offer full process assistance / share our expertise for optimization / R&D / validation / exhibitory batches on the production spray drying plant designed / manufactured / installed by us at clients site.

  • In the year 2018-19, we have successfully developed and installed induction heating system, replacing the electrical heating system for plant spray driers upto 450°C reducing the electrical load of electrical heaters to almost 55%.

  • During the year 2019 - 2020, we will be constructing two clean rooms in our well-equipped inhouse facility with all pharma infrastructures in compliance with rules & regulations of FDA with local FDA approval, for our clients, to enable them launch their molecule directly from our facility .We will be the only such FDA approved contract facility in India to cater to the needs of our clientale.

  • Besides the spray drying system we have come up with our design freeze drying system for foods applications and during the year 2019-2020 we will be further developing the freeze drying system for Pharma applications.

  • We strive to get our valued clientale the best returns of their capital investment by considering ourselves as business partners of the client with firm most process / technical support after the spray drying system is installed.

  • Please find attached the list of our Pharma clients to whom, we have supplied Closed Loop Spray Drying Plants for production / kilo lab.