50 - 500kg



  • Spray Drying is a continuous, quick, eficient process for drying of clear solutions / emulsions / agglomeration / suspension under controlled variable parameters with best produce repeatability results to achieve desired analytical / physical properties of produce
  • Spray drying can be co-current / counter current
  • The spray drying can be with air as drying media or with inert gas as drying media, categorized as Open Loop Spray Drier or Closed Loop Spray Drier respectively.
  • For continuous operations of Lab spray dryer the standard unit with mono bag ilter can be replaced with auto-dedusting multi-bag ilter


  • Lu222 (Advance Table Top Lab Spray Dryer)
  • Lu228 (Plug-In Lab Spray Dryer)

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Large Production Spary dryer 15 - 50 kg

  • SD/PL – 15 (Open/Closed Loop) 15 .KG/HR
  • SD/PL – 20 (Open/Closed Loop) 20 .KG/HR
  • SD/PL – 25 (Open/Closed Loop) 25 .KG/HR
  • SD/PL – 50 (Open/Closed Loop) 50 .KG/HR

Large Production Spary dryer 250 - 500 kg

  • SD/PL – 250 (Open Loop) 250 .KG/HR
  • SD/PL – 300 (Open Loop) 300 .KG/HR
  • SD/PL – 500 (Open Loop) 500 .KG/HR


  • Pharmaceuticals API / Onco /Steroids / Hormones / Formulations
  • Prebiotics / Probiotics
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Healthcare / Cosmetics
  • Milk / Milk Derivatives
  • Natural or Synthetic Flavors / Fragrances
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Foods
  • Ceramics
  • Polymers
  • Metallic dispersion
  • Wax based products
  • Pyrolysis
  • Nano particle generation


  • For conversion of crystalline form to amorphous form.
  • For getting desired particle size distribution & bulk density
  • For best reproducibility / repeatability results
  • For avoiding oxidation of product under drying
  • For encapsulation of core materials.
  • For generating the heat sensitive / UV sensitive produce
  • Continuous process
  • Best yields
  • Best operational costs
  • Best payback period
  • Best compatible for scale up to pilot / plant production spray driers

Spray dryer can be used for Spray Chilling /Congealing / Prilling at molten feeds by using cold air instead of hot air.


  • In general, the particle size distribution of the acquired powders is sharp and consistent, due to easy control and reproducibility of the drying properties
  • Spray dried powders exhibit high lowability, high solubility and dispersibility, allowing for facile transport, storage and subsequent processing

High Purity & Easy Cleaning

  • Cleaning of all spray dryer components is straightforward and can be completed in just a short amount of time. Impurities and cross-contaminations can be avoided reliably
  • Automated WIP, CIP and SIP systems can be applied to spray dryers without dificulty

No Heat Detorioration

  • On account of the comparably high drying speed and the short residence times, even heat-sensitive materials such as pharmaceuticals or foodstuff and dairy may be dried without dificulty using spray dryers
  • If a rather slow rise in temperature of the spray mist droplets is required, also counter-current low systems are feasible

No Heat Detorioration

  • For water-based feeds the drying media is iltered air in an open system. For inlammable or in any other way hazardous feeds, nitrogen in a closed loop dryer is used
  • This way, also all solvent is recovered and may be reused.